Pandemic Paranoia!

Monday, November 14, 2016 10:13 AM

"Run! Run! Run for the hills! It’s the latest outbreak coming to get us!” It’s the latest outbreak coming to get us!” If you’ve been paying attention over the last several years, this has been the norm. You turn on the news or look at your social media news feed and there it is: an outbreak of some sort or a new-and-improved strand of flu to be worried about. Have no fear, for Big Pharma seems to have just what you need to put your mind at ease: a new vaccine that promises to protect you. Seems a little convenient doesn’t it? I mean to anyone that is actually awake, every year around the same time a new fear campaign is blasted across the airwaves and these same airwaves promote the medicine for it after enough demand(fear) has been reached… one might say maybe a little too convenient. The question I have is if all this fear being pumped into the masses is actually realistic?

Way Over Exaggerated

So where did all this hysteria of epidemics come from anyway? Well if we are looking to modern times then I would say it all started with the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918. It lasted until 1919 and is rumored to have killed as many as fifty million people worldwide. People were right to be fearful of a pandemic during that time as they witnessed the horror first hand. That said, we’ve come along way since 1919 and I don’t mean just in terms of medical procedures. We’ve come a long way as far as hygiene, which aids in disease prevention. Better water and sewer systems were created around the 1940’s which helped lower the rates of infectious diseases, as well as the frequency to which people bathed. In the 21st century we take it for granted that it is normal to bathe on a daily basis, but this wasn’t always the case. The medical advice in the early 20th century was to limit the amount of baths you took. All one has to do to confirm this is to watch an episode of the slapstick comedic trio, “The Three Stooges” to see a popular gag in which one of them would fall into a bucket of water or a fountain, then one of the other stooges would say, “What are you doing taking a bath? It ain’t Saturday Night!"

     We’ve had a few flu scares since the Spanish flu, but the casualty count hasn’t been anywhere near close to that one! Since around 2009 the epidemics scares we’ve had on almost a yearly basis have been more propaganda than proof positive. If that’s the case though, why do the masses keep falling for the same old scare tactics?

The Number One Thing That Causes People to Buy

I studied a little business back in college but it wasn’t until recently when I started reading articles by people that are successful in business that I found out the number one motivator in sales: EMOTION. People buy out of emotion first, whether that’s buying a physical product or intellectual property; or even “buying” into someone’s ideas. People get emotional about their children, which helped McDonald’s restaurants to sell food by pandering to the children. This also helped the pharmaceutical industry with that over-hyped measles incident at Disneyland a little while ago. While red measles are more severe than german measles, there has been around one death in about 20 years here. Measles for the most part is a mild disease, so mild that back in the 1960’s The Flinstones cartoon did an episode about it. Now the mainstream  media over-hyped the Disneyland incident to the point people wanted to form a lynch mob against the unvaccinated masses; even though it was NEVER proven the unvaccinated children were responsible for the outbreak whatsoever. This was however a great marketing opportunity for Big Pharma to push their vaccine agenda on a public that was all too ready to be protected from a relatively mild childhood disease that when once had, conveys lifetime immunity.

The Antidote to Fear

We as people are exposed to fear mongering and sensationalism almost on a daily basis by people and corporations hell-bent on taking advantage of our fears and insecurities and using them to line their pockets. I would believe by now you would love to know what you can do to protect yourself from those that would prey on your fears for profit. This should help you out: The antidote to fear…is KNOWLEDGE. Humans, as well as other animals seem to fear what they don’t understand, that’s why a little research on topics we don’t understand goes a long way. Even more important than aquiring knowledge is the use of logic and common sense. Trust me, these days the ability to use logic is underrated; and those that would benefit most the underused faculty of logic capitalize on that fact. A good rule of thumb is: If it looks like s*** and smells like s***, it’s probably s***.

When any of these “outbreaks” occur, ask yourself if anyone stands to profit from it. For instance in 1992, Bill Clinton won the presidential election, and from 1993 thru 2000 a fear campaign was launched aimed at right wing gun enthusiasts claiming the democratic president was on an agenda to take guns away from responsible gun owners. This fear campaign was repeated after Barrack Obama won the presidency in 2008. Of course, this never happened during either presidency but gun stores and manufacturers made record profits from inspiring fear in gun enthusiasts. 

So the next time the mainstream media promotes some big epidemic or disaster or something else that has the masses running for the hills, ask yourself if this is something I should truly be fearful of? If the answer is yes, do some research and act from a place confidence and not fear. If the answer is no, tell the mainstream media,”Dafuk outta here with that nonsense” and keep it pushing!


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