How emotional triggers sabotage your weight loss goals

Thursday, September 21, 2017 8:11 PM

     You’re motivated! You’re enthusiastic! You’ve even written out your plan! You’re gonna lose this weight and nothing is gonna stop you. So you start working your plan. You exercise (X) amount of days this week, and you’re eating according to the diet that you laid out. Then, all of a sudden… WHAM! Something unexpected happens. Maybe your car breaks down and causes you tremendous stress. Perhaps some plans you made for when you hit a milestone fell through. Even worse, what if you didn’t reach a goal you set in a time frame you alloted yourself? Any one or all of these events can send someone spiralling out of control and cause them to fall back into old patterns of poor eating and no exercising. Someone could say something to you either jokingly or malicously at just the moment you believed you were making headway toward your health goals that took you all the way back to a place of low self-worth and insecurity. Maybe any of these events could leave you feeling The Universe, God, or whatever doesn’t have your back and isn’t supportive toward your weight loss goals; so why not just say, “the heck with it? I mean what’s the use, right?” These events are known as triggers, as in they cause you to act in a manner that may not b conducive to the direction in which you wanna go. I know first hand how damaging triggers can be to health and fitness goals. I’ve had events like these knock all the momentum right from underneath me. At times I’ve even had several happen all at once, and that can really make you question whether it’s in the cards for you to be fit and healthy or have the fates predetermined you to a life of obesity and ill health? Well I have a few insights that may help if you’ve found yourself suffering from trigger events.

Don’t take setbacks personally

     Much of the time a trigger that causes you to fall back into unhealthy eating patterns has nothing to do with your health goals. They are external circumstances that you are internalizing. A car breaking down doesn’t have anything to do with you wanting to eat healthy as much as it does with your vehicle not being in good shape. Someone making a negative comment about you has more to do with how they feel about themselves and less about how they feel about you. It can help if you learn to take a step back and look at what happened without any emotional charge(even though that’s easier said than done) and realize much of these events only have the energy you give them.

The Perfect Timing

      Many times in life we set a time table for the thing we truly want. Time tables are good as far as being a tool to get you to take action toward your goal. That being said, the time in which you want a certain thing to happen may not be in your best interest. Sometimes a different time for your desire to manifest may yield much better results. There is a saying that goes, “ You can only connect the dots looking backwards”; so any setback you face may not make sense to you at the time it happens, so doing your best at that time is necessary so when you come out on the other side you won’t have missed a beat. 


     Continuing from the section on perfect timing, to get past triggers of any kind it will take a certain amount of resilience. This entails having the fortitude to get back up every time life knocks you down, which is easier said than done. Whether physically or mentally, getting knocked down can take a lot out of you; sometimes to the point where you don’t ever want to get back up. The only way you can reach your goal however is to muster the strength to get back up one more time and try again. It always helps to look for the reason you got knocked down in the first place. The reason may just be something simple with an easy solution.

Repeating Patterns

     There is a saying that goes something like, “…Sometimes in life, a situation will keep repeating itself until you learn your lesson”. If you find the same trigger coming up every time you set out on your weight loss journey, then it’s time to evaluate the trigger and overcome it. Once you figure this one out you shouldn’t run into the same thing again. 

Evaluate Your Circle of People

      Have you ever heard the saying(man I post a whole lot of sayings lol), “You are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with”? Many times in life we are around people that bring out the worst in us: our mood, our behavior, our thinking, and our attitude. This could be a family member, friend, spouse, friend of a friend, or even a co-worker. The thing to do in this situation is if this person or persons do or say something that triggers bad dietary habits or poor exercise habits, evaluate how much you really need to be around them. If there is really no need, then it may be time to cut some dead weight loose. If however you really have no choice but to be around them, try to pinpoint what it is they do or say that throws you off your game and come up with a strategy to not allow their behavior to influence yours. 

     Triggers can undoubtedly undermine your goals, but understanding how to deal with them is one giant step to overcoming them and hitting your target.  

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